Monday, March 24, 2008

Blinded by Patriotism

Sometimes the Propagandizer makes no attempt at subtlety. This is one of those times. The poster for this week illustrates the signing of the Patriot Act. While we look forward with optimism to what will hopefully be a brighter future in American politics, I'm attempting to draw the spotlight back onto our current leadership. The draping of an American Flag over Saddam Hussein's monumental head just before his statue was toppled in Central Baghdad always stuck in my mind. This image seemed a perfect metaphor for the Bush-era concept of Patriotism—more akin to blind extremism than national loyalty.

The poster was designed for printing on a Tabloid Extra (12" x 18") sheet. Of course, you can always select shrink to fit in your print preferences and play it out on whatever size sheet you have available.

Impeach Bush

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