Sunday, October 26, 2008

Every Designer's Duty

Its hard for me to believe that I held out this long before contributing my own designs toward the Obama presidential campaign. I've been more inspired by this candidate than any other politician in my lifetime and I feel very invested in him and his call for Hope. As if there hasn't been a large enough outpouring of creative from designers and artists around the country (and the world), I eventually cracked and submitted these two posters to the Design for Obama project.

O Poster

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Obama Dollar Poster
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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Free Tibet

The most important thing that may come from this year's Olympic games will not be gold metals, but awareness on Tibet's struggle for independence from China. While the world engages in sport, Tibetans continue to live in perpetual fear of house raids and midnight arrests. Torture against political prisoners is widespread and unchecked because news coverage of this issue is limited by China's strict control over all forms of media in the region. To learn more about Tibet's struggle for independence, click here.

Free Tibet Poster

This poster merges the Olympic flag with the Tibetan Endless Knot. The love knot, luck knot, infinite knot is a symbol of Buddha's endless wisdom and compassion. The campaign to free Tibet is unusual in that it focuses on peaceful resistance rather than terror and violence. However, Tibet needs a way to position itself on the world stage and have it's struggle taken seriously. Hopefully the Beijing Olympics will provide ample opportunity.

In researching this post I came across Remember Tibet, an online initiative to raise awareness about Tibet's struggle for independence through the creative arts. Any resemblance between this week's propaganda and the Remember Tibet logo are entirely coincidental. Conceptual development and design of this piece had already been complete before I ever laid eyes on Remember Tibet. That being said, I wholeheartedly endorse this initiative and suggest everyone to click through to their site—after you've downloaded the poster that is.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Blinded by Patriotism

Sometimes the Propagandizer makes no attempt at subtlety. This is one of those times. The poster for this week illustrates the signing of the Patriot Act. While we look forward with optimism to what will hopefully be a brighter future in American politics, I'm attempting to draw the spotlight back onto our current leadership. The draping of an American Flag over Saddam Hussein's monumental head just before his statue was toppled in Central Baghdad always stuck in my mind. This image seemed a perfect metaphor for the Bush-era concept of Patriotism—more akin to blind extremism than national loyalty.

The poster was designed for printing on a Tabloid Extra (12" x 18") sheet. Of course, you can always select shrink to fit in your print preferences and play it out on whatever size sheet you have available.

Impeach Bush

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Save Chicago Transit

On the occasion that I don't ride my bicycle, my default mode of transportation is the CTA; Chicago's Public Transit System. I have a love/hate relationship with the CTA. I love that I can get anywhere in the city and not have to own a car, rent parking, pay for gas, maintenance and insurance. On the other hand, frequent rate hikes and delays often have me cursing the CTA under my breath. Sadly, it is only going to get worse. On November 4th 39 bus routes will be terminated and rates will jump yet again. In honor of the system that has kept Chicago vibrant for over a century (60 years as a unified organization), I created this poster. Help save the CTA. Start by visiting

Keep Chicagoland Healthy

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Use Protection

There are two possible reasons why urban bicycle, motorcycle and scooter riders don't wear helmets. First, because they are lazy. Perhaps they lost their last helmet and simply haven't gotten around to buying a new one. Or maybe they don't realize the risk of riding helmet-less and need to be enlightened. The second, and more likely reason, is vanity. This weeks poster attempts to show that helmets are cool after all, and vanity is no excuse for risking your pretty little head.

helmet poster

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dog Theft Labels

This weeks contribution is a bit more involved than the previous two. Some assembly is required, so hopefully you propagandizers out there are up to the task. The matter of concern is animal theft for use as "bait" in dog-fighting rings. We are targeting animal owners who tether their dogs outside of stores, restaurants, coffee shops and more while they run in to go about their business. These labels are intended to be folded onto the tethered dogs' leashes as a message to their owners.

Dog Theft Sticker

1. Download and print the artwork 2-up on OL400 shipping labels
2. Find a vulnerable dog tethered without supervision
3. Retrieve stack of pre-printed dog theft labels
4. Peel away Avery-style label and fold around said dog's leash (see below)

Tag Instructions

*Note: The Propagandizer does not endorse defacement of private property nor do we accept responsibility for the use of our artwork in any way that could be perceived as vandalism. Now go stick it to 'em!

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Charting Peace

This weeks propaganda is a simplified plan for peace. By concentrating on these four milestones we can begin to decommission the United States war machine and rebuild the integrity of the nation.

Charting Peace

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