Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Submit your own propaganda

If you wish to contribute your own artwork to the Propagandizer, please do so. We strongly disagree with the practice of censorship, so all points of view are welcome. Only in very rare and extreme cases will we refuse to post your artwork based on the nature of its content or the quality of its execution.

In order to make the Propagandizer's content printable for the greatest number of people, please create your artwork to fit on one of the following "standard" paper sizes:
Letter – 8.5 x 11 inches
Legal – 8.5 x 14 inches
Tabloid – 11 x 17 inches
Tabloid Max – 12 x 18 inches
Or design stickers to print on Avery style labels. To browse downloadable label templates click here or here.

File Type – PDF only
Resolution – 300 dpi
Color Mode – CMYK or Grayscale
File Size – 5MB or less

Email your PDF artwork to this address. If you wish to receive credit for the artwork, please include your name and a URL for your website (if available). Otherwise you will be listed as anonymous. If after every possible attempt has been made, the file size still exceeds 5MB, click here to send me an email. Do not attach the artwork. I will work with you to find an alternate method of submitting your propaganda.


By submitting you allow the Propagandizer the right to present your artwork online and make it available for download by the general public free of any licensing restrictions. Also, please submit only original artwork. That means no stolen fonts, images or any elements that are copywrighted. The Propagandizer is not accountable for opinions expressed by guest contributors.