Friday, August 31, 2007

The 9/11 General Strike

After designing a poster for the 9/11 General Strike this past week, I had a realization. By tapping into my inner-propagandizer I saw that I could use my design abilities for more than just corporate branding. I could actually stir the emotions, rally the troops, anger, provoke, support, and evangelize. While I hold fast to the belief that Design alone won't change the world, I do believe that it can aid us immeasurably in achieving the change we strive for.

This project is the contribution of my girlfriend Julie and I in a world that desperately needs change. On a continual basis we will post original propaganda that you can download, print & post in your neighborhood if you are so inclined. If you disagree with the point of view expressed by the Propagandizer, let us know (as I'm sure you will). If you wish to contribute your own propaganda, please do so. Prepare your artwork as a PDF file and email it to this address. Please keep the file size below 5MB.

This weeks propaganda was created to promote the 9/11 General Strike — a day of dissent against the lies and tyranny of the Bush/Cheney administration.

Download Artwork

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